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Defending the Pig House

Posted on June 4th, 2011 by Admin | Posted in Scenarios

You are asleep in your bunk inside the Pig House when your favorite piglet lets out a squeal. You dash to the nearest window and discover that Red Dawg, the nefarious pig rustler, is sneaking up on your pig pen with his herd of wild range hogs…

Scenario Procedure

Shooter starts lying in bunk inside the Pig House, holding a stuffed pig. At the buzzer, shooter says, “Don’t worry,Little Darlin’, I’ll save you!” Shooter must keep stuffed pig on his or her body at all times. (We had shooters holdthe pig in their hand, between their legs, balanced on their hat, inside their suspenders, in their teeth, and oneinnovative lass stuffed the piggie in a cup of her bra, declaring, “I’m breast feeding! “) Shooter goes into theadjacent room and retrieves his/her rifle. Shooter returns to the left window and engages the single rifle targetswinging back and forth on a pendulum-nine times. Shooter then goes outside to the pig pen to engage pigpistol targets (mounted on springs to bounce around when hit), alternating right to left. A cowboy target isbetween the two pig targets and is a no-hot target. Once both pistols are emptied, shooter places stuffed pig withwooden pigs in pig pen, grabs shotgun, and engages two swingers left to right.


Misses: 5 seconds
Dropping the pig: 10 seconds

The Guns:

Rifle:loaded with nine, chamber empty, staged beside right window inside Pig House.Pistols: two holstered, loaded with five rounds each, hammers on empty chambers.Shotgun: empty, leaning against fence in pig pence beside feed trough.Safety is the first consideration regarding all scenarios.  The scenario may need to be modified based upon shooters or range capabilities.  Shoot! Magazine does not accept liability for any accidents,injuries or other difficulties arising out of the use of its scenarios.Range officers and participants should always check out their scenarios for safe conditions before proceeding to shoot.