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2004 American Federation of Old West Re-enactors

Posted on June 4th, 2011 by Admin | Posted in Shooting Events

The 2004 American Federation of Old West Re-enactors (AFOWR) Grand National Championships

More than 3,000 people watched as the country’s top Old West gunfighters performed for the Grand National Championship titles at the Old Cowtown Museum during Labor Day weekend 2004 inWichita , Kan. The outdoor living history museum was the location and co-sponsor of this year’s national gunfighter and living history championships of the American Federation of Old West Re-enactors, a group dedicated to education through entertainment.

Over 150 re-enactors were on hand to compete and perform throughout the weekend. Competitors were judged on historical accuracy in clothing, accouterments, and information regarding the people and events of the frontier of the 19th century. Old West gunfighter groups were also required to compete in and amass points at various competitions throughout the year.

The AFOWR Grand National Championship titles for 2004 were awarded in two categories: Gunfight Re-enactment and Living History. In the Gunfight Re-enactment division, first place was awarded to Guns of Timber Creek from Gainsville ,Texas . Second place was awarded to Cowtown Cowboys of Wichita, Kan. And in third place was Gunsmoke & Petticoats of Shawnee , Kan. Living History awards were earned by Michael Gaskins, first place; Sheri Gaskins, second place; and David Wright, third place.

In addition to the National Awards, competition awards were presented in several categories. The Cowtown Gunfight Re-enactment first place award was presented to Wild & Wooly West from Wichita Falls , Texas . Second place went to Gunsmoke & Petticoats, and third place went to Guns of Timber Creek. Honorable Mention was earned by the Cowtown Cowboys.

Living History awards were presented to Kirk Shapland, first place; Mike Gaskins, second place; and Marc Ferguson, third place. Best Actor award was presented to Dickey Stanley of Wild & Wooly West. Linda Sayre of Gunsmoke & Petticoats was named Best Actress. The judges declared that Wild & Wooly West performed the Best Stunt, Gunsmoke & Petticoats presented the Best Drama, and Guns of Timber Creek demonstrated the Best Comedy. Ron Sayre was declared the Fastest Gun in Town and Kirk Shapland was residing in the Best Historical Encampment.

The American Federation of Old West Reenactors (AFOWR) is a non-profit fraternity of dedicated historical enthusiasts who adhere to the proposition that the representation of our American Old West history be accurately portrayed in the clothing, accouterments, and information regarding the people and events of the frontier of the 19th century in accordance with the respect our forefathers deserve.