Welcome to SHOOT! Magazine

SHOOT! Magazine was created to fill a hole in the world of periodicals, creating a reading environment inclusive of all aspects of Western-action shooting, including cowboy action shooting, cowboy mounted shooting, black powder cartridge rifle silhouette, and other types of 1800’s style shooting.

Our publication embodies the spirit of the Old West and the Eastern Frontier by covering a variety of related articles, including the guns used during the mid to late 1800’s, ammunition and reloading, shooting events, history, gun leather, western gear, and more.

To readers of Shoot! Magazine, Western-style shooting is much more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, bound by tales of the Old West, the Cowboy Way, and the Spirit of the Game.

Here’s what our readers are saying:
“Congratulations on putting out a first class, rootin’, tootin’, cowboy shootin’ magazine. Yeeeeeeeeeeha.”

“I am just starting in Cowboy Action Shooting and this is a very informational and supportive Magazine. It will help me to determine the type of clothing, alias, and firearms I will choose to use. Thanks Shoot!”

“Great magazine. Great articles and you keep things down to earth …Keep up the Good work.”

“I’ve been going to EOT (End of Trail) since 1986 and your magazine still keeps me interested – Keep going!”