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Note: Many of my clients are scholars and researchers seeking specific information related to their field of interest. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book:

Historical Subject Matter Discussed/Illustrated in this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents Below): Buffalo Land W.E. Webb Topeka Kansas Discovery Adventure Science Sportsman Wild Old West Indian Red Man Savage Buffalo Hunting Antelope Elk Wild Turkey Emigrant Guide Great West CivilWar Plains Indians Soldiers Pioneer Frontier Wild Bill Hickok Fossils Paleontology Rocky Mountains Colorado Expedition Alaska Kansas Waukarusa Prairie Chicken Lynching Quail Shooting Kaw River Fort Riley Horses Indian Question Delaware Indians Texas Texan Long Horn Longhorn Territory Great American Desert Prairie Dogs Bull Whackers General Sheridan Pacific Railroad Santa Fe Trade Mexicans Ghost Story Wild Bill Buffalo Bill Cheyenne Chief White Wolf Wigwam Santanta Indian Fighting Mississippi Coyotes Bison Solomon Massacre Neetmok Lands Dinosaurs Stage Coach Drivers Mound Builders

BUFFALO LAND An Authentic Account of the Discoveries, Adventures and Mishaps of a Scientific and Sporting Party in the Wild West; With the Graphic Descriptions of the Country; The Red Man, Savage and Civilized; Hunting the Buffalo, Antelope, Elk, and Wild Turkey, Etc. Etc., Replete with Information, Wit and Humor. The Appendix Comprising a Complete Guide for Sportsmen and Emigrants. By W.E. Webb of Topeka, Kansas. Published in 1873 by Hubbard Bros., Philadelphia. 9”x 6” decorated cloth hardcover. . “Profusely Illustrated from Actual Photographs, and Original Drawings by Henry Worrall." 503 pages.

Condition: VERY GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Bright, colorful exterior as shown in photo. Firm hinges, solid text block. Text is clean and complete. No torn, loose or missing pages. Nice example of this very rare Old West title.


BUFFALO LAND is a chronicle of high adventure and exploration in the virgin lands of the great west in the decade following the Civil War. It tells the exploits of the author and several companions as they light out for the Plains to try their hands at hunting buffalo, elk, antelope, prairie chickens and other wildlife.

Informative and amusing, BUFFALO LAND vividly describes the places this band of advventurers visited and the colorful characters they met along the way, including Indians, soldiers, pioneers and Wild Bill Hickok himself (the author talks at some length about meeting Hickok). It even discusses fossil-hunting and paleontology on the Plains (one of the author’s group was a scientist).

The last portion of the book contains information specifically for people planning to “Go West, , whether to start new lives as emigrants and pioneers, or to sample the sporting life for themselves. This section, about 75 pages in length, consists of a three-parts: "Further Information for the Home-Seeker," “Further Information for the Sportsman," and "Additional Facts Concerning the Natural Features of the Great Plains.”

In the Preface, the author writes:

The purpose of this work is to make the reader better acquainted with that wild land which he has known from childhood, as the home of the Indian and the buffalo.

The Rocky Mountain chain, distorted and rugged, has been aptly called the colossal vertebrae of our continent's broad back, and from thence, as a line, the plains, weird and wonderful, stretch eastward through Colorado, and embrace the entire western half of Kansas.

Fortune, not long since, threw in my way an invitation, which I gladly accepted, to join a semi-scientific party, since somewhat known to fame through various articles in the newspaper press, in a sojourn of several months on the great plains.

At a meeting held with due solemnity on the eve of starting, the Professor (to whom the reader will be introduced in the proper connection) was chosen leader of the expedition, while to my lot fell the office of editor of the future record, or rather Grand Scribe of what we were pleased to call our "Log Book." . The latter now lies before me, in all its glory of shabby covers and dirty pages. Its soiled face is as honorable as that of the laborer who comes from Tiis task in a well harvested field. Out of the sheaves gathered during our journey, I shall try and take such portions as may best supply the mental cravings of the countless thousands who hunger for the life and the lore of the far West.

The plains have a face, a people, and a brute creation, peculiarly their own, and to these our party devoted earnest study. The expedition presented a rare opportunity of becoming acquainted with the game of the country; and, in writing the present volume, my aim has been to make it so far a text-book for amateur hunters that they may become at once conversant with the habits of the game, and the best manner of killing it. The time is not far distant, when the plains and the Rocky Mountains will be sought by thousands annually, as a favorite field for sport and recreation.

Another and still larger class, it is hoped, will find much of interest and value in the following pages. From every state in the Union, people are constantly passing westward. We found emigrant wagons on spots from which the Indians had just removed their wigwams. Multitudes more are now on the way, with the earnest purpose of founding homes and, if possible, of finding fortunes.

In order to aid this class, as well as the sportsman, I have gathered in an appendix such additional information as may be useful to both.

The illustrations of men and brutes in this work are studies from life. Whenever it was possible, we had photographs taken.

The plains, it must be said, are a tract with which Romance has had much more to do than History. Red men, brave and chivalrous, and unnatural buffalo, with the habits of lions, exist only in imagination.

In these pages, my earnest endeavor, when dealing with actualities, has been to "hold the mirror up to Nature," and to describe men, manners, and things as they are in real life upon the frontiers, and beyond, to-day …

To give you a sporting idea of what you’ll find in this thrilling book of Old West adventure, I have personally created a summary of the book’s contents, followed by a sampling of the many illustrations it contains. I hope you’ll take a few moments to have a look.


CHAPTER ONE: The Object Of Our Expedition * A Glimpse Of Alaska Through Captain Walrus' Glass * We Are Tempted By Our Recent Purchase * Alaskan Game Of "Old Sledge " * The Early Struggles Of Kansas * The Smoky Hill Trail * Indian High Art * The "Border-Ruffian," Past And Present * Topeka * How It Received Its Name * Waukarusa And Its Legend

CHAPTER TWO: A Chapter Of Introductions * Professor Paleozoic * Tammany Sachem * Doctor Pythagoras * Genuine Muggs * Colon And Semi-Colon * Shamus Dobeen * Tenacious Gripe * Bugs And Philosophy * How Gripe Became A Republican

CHAPTER THREE: The Topeka saleeer * Muggs Gets A Bargain * Cynocephalus * Indian Summer In Kansas * Hunting Prairie Chickens * Our First Day's Sport

CHAPTER FOUR: Chicken-Shooting Continued * A Scientific Party Take The Birds On The Wing * Evils Of Fast Firing * An Old-Fashioned "Slow Shot" * The Habits Of The Prairie Chicken * Its Prospective Extinction * Mode Of Hunting It * The Gopher Scalp Law

CHAPTER FIVE: A Trial By Judge Lynch * Hung For Contempt Of Court * Quail Shooting * Habits Of The Birds, And Mode Of Killing Them * A Ring Of Quails * The Effects Of A Severe Winter * The Snow Goose

CHAPTER SIX: Off For Buffalo Land * The Navigation Of The Kaw * Fort Riley * The Center-Post Of the United States * Our Purchase Of Horses * "Lo" As A Savage And As A Citizen * Gripe Unfolds The Indian Question * A Ballad By Sachem, Presenting Another View

CHAPTER SEVEN: Gripe’s Views Of Indian Character * The Delawares, The Ishmaelites Of The Plains * The Territory Of The "Long Horns" * Texans And Their Characteristics * Mushroom Rock * A Valuable Discovery * Footprints in the Rock * The Primeval Paul and Virginia

CHAPTER EIGHT: The "Great American Desert " * Its Fossil Wealth * An Illusion Dispelled * Fires According To Novels And According To Fact * Sensational Heroes And Heroines * Prairie Dogs And Their Habits * Hawk And Dog, And Hawk And Cat

CHAPTER NINE: We See Buffalo * Arrival At Hays * General Sheridan At The Fort * Indian Murders * Blood-Christening Of The Pacific Railroad * Surprised By A Buffalo Herd * A Buffalo Bull In A Quandary * Doherty’s description * Gentle Zephyrs * How A Circus Went Off * Bologna To Lean On * A Call Upon Sheridan

CHAPTER TEN: Hays City by Lamplight * The Santa Fe Trade * Bull-Whackers * Mexicans * Sabbath on the Plains * The Dark Ages * Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill * Off for the Saline * Dobeen’s Ghost Story * An Adventure with Indians * Mexican Cannonade * A Runaway

CHAPTER ELEVEN: White Wolf, The Cheyenne Chief * Hungry Indians * Return To Hays * A Cheyenne War Party * The Pipe Of Peace * The Council Chamber * White Wolf's Speech, As Rendered By Sachem * The White Man's Wigwam

CHAPTER TWELVE: Arms of a War Party * A Donkey Present * Eating Powers Of The Nomads * Santanta, His Crimes And Punishment * Running Off With a Government Herd * Daub, Our Artist * Antelope Chase by a Greyhound

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Character Of The Plains * Buffalo Bill And His Horse Brigham * The Guide And Scout Of Romance * Coyote Versus Jackass-Rabbit * A Lawyer-Like Rescue * Our Camp On Silver Creek * Uncle Sam's Buffalo Herds * Turkey-Shooting Our First Meal On The Plains * A Game Supper

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: A Camp-Fire Scene * Vagabondizing * The Black Pacer Of The Plains * Some Advice From Buffalo Bill About Indian Fighting * Lo's Abhorrence Of Long Range * His Dread Of Cannon * An Irish Goblin

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: A Fire Scene * A Glimpse Of The South * 'Coon Hunting In Mississippi * Voices In The Solitude * Friends Or Foes * A Startling Serenade * Panic In Camp * Cayotes And Their Habits * Worrying A Buffalo Bull * The Second Day * Daub, Our Artist * He Make His Mark

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Bison Meat * A Strange Arrival * The Sydney Family * The Home In The Valley * The Solomon Massacre * The Murder Of The Father And The Child * The Settlers' Flight * Incidents * Our Queen Of The Plains * The Professor Interested * Irish Mary * Dobeen Happy * The Heroine Of Romance * Sachem's Bath By Moonlight * The Beaver Colony

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Preparations For The Chase * The Valley Of The Saline * Queer 'Coons * A Bison's Game Of Bluff * In Pursuit * Alongside The Game * Firing From The Saddle * A Charge And A Panic * False History Again * Going For Ammunition * The Professor's Letter * Disrobing The Victim

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Still Hunting Dark Objects Against The Horizon * The Red Man Again * Retreat To Camp * Preparations For Defense * Shaking Hands With Death * Mr.. Colon's Bugs * The Embassadors * A New Alarm * More Indians * Terrific Battle Between Pawnees And Cheyennes * Their Mode Of Fighting * Good Horsemanship * A Scientific Party As Sextons * Ditto As Surgeons * Camps Of The Combatants * Stealing Away * Ah Apparition

CHAPTER NINETEEN: Stalking The Bison * Buffalo As Oxen * Expensive Power * A Buffalo at a Lunatic Asylum * The Gateway To The Herds * Infernal Grape-Shot * Nature's Bomb-Shells * Crawling Bedouins * ''Thar They Hump" * The Slaughter Begun * An Ineffectual Charge * "Ketching The Critter" * Return To Camp * Calves' Head On The Stomach * An Unpleasant Episode * Wolf Baiting, And How It Is Done

CHAPTER TWENTY: The Coyotes’ Strychnine Feast * Capturing A Timber Wolf * A Few Cords Of Victims * What The Law Considers "Indian Tan'' * "Finishing" The New York Market * A New York Farmer's Opinion Of Our Gray Wolf * Westward Again * Episodes In Our Journey * The Wild Huntress Of The Plains * Was Our Guide A Murderer? * The Reader Joins Us In A Buffalo Chase * The Dying Agonies

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: "Creasing" Wild Horses * Muggs Disappointed * A Feat For Fiction * Horse And Monkey * Hoof Wisdom For Turfmen * Prospective Climatic Changes On The Plains * The Neetmok Lands * The Question Of Spontaneous Generation * Wanton Slaughter Of Buffalo * Amount Of Robes And Meat Annually Wasted * A Strange Habit Of The Bison * Numerous Bills * The "Sneak Thief" Of The Plains

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: A Live Town and its Graveyard * Honest Rombeaux In Trouble * Judge Lynch Holds Court * Marie And The Vine-Covered Cottage * The Terrible Floods * Death In Camp And In The Dug-Out * Was It The Water Which Did It? * Discovery Of A Huge Fossil * The Mosasaurus Of The Cretaceous Sea * A Glimpse Of The Reptilian Age * Reminiscences Of Alligator-Shooting * They Suggest A Theory

CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: From Sheridan To The Rocky Mountains * The Colorado Portion Of The Plains * The Giant Pines * Attempt To Photograph A Buffalo * Things Get Mixed * The Leviathan At Home * A Chat With Professor Cope * Twenty-Six-Inch Oysters * Reptiles And Fishes Of The Cretaceous Sea

CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR: Continued By Cope * The Giants Of The Seas * Taking Out Fossils In A Gale * Interesting Discoveries * The Geology Of The Plains

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: A Savage Outbreak * The Battle Of The Forty Scouts * The Surprise * Pack-Mules Stampeded * Death On The Arickeree * The Medicine Man * A Dismal Night * Messengers Sent To Wallace * Morning Attack * Whose Funeral? * Relief At Last * The Old Scout's Devotion To The Blue

CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX: The Stage Drivers Of The Plains * "Old Bob" * Jamaica And Ginger * An Old Acquaintance * Beads Of The Past * Robbing The Dead * A Leaf From The Lost History Of The Mound Builders * Indian Traditions * Speculations * Adobe Houses In A Rain * Cheap Living Watch Towers

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN: Our Programme Concluded * From Sheridan To The Solomon * Fierce Winds * A Terrific Storm * Shamus' Bloody Apparition And Indian Witch * A Reconnoissance * An Indian Burial Grove * A Contractor's Daring And Its Penalty * More Vagabondizing * Jose At The Long Bow * The "Wild Huntress'" Counterpart * Shamus Treats Us To "Chile" * The Result

CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT: The Block-house On The Solomon * How The Old Man Died * Waconda Da * Legend Of Wa-bog-aha And Hewgaw * Sabbath Morning * Sachem's Poetical Epitaph * An Alarm * Battle Between An Emigrant And The Indians * Was It The Sydneys? * To The Rescue * An Elk Hunt * Rocky Mountain Sheep * Novel Mode Of Hunting Turkeys * In Camp On The Solomon * A Warm Welcome

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE: Our Last Night Together * The Remarkable Shed-tail Dog Rescues His Mistress, And Breaks Up A Meeting * A Sketch of Territorial Times By Gripe * Montgomery's Expedition For The Rescue Of John Brown's Companions * Scalped, And Carving His Own Epitaph * An Irish Jacob * "Survival Of The Fittest'' * Sachem's Poetical Letter * Popping The Question On The Run * The Professor's Letter

Note: Some of the photos below are from an 1872 edition of this book that I previously sold on . All of the same illustrations are present in the book at sale, albeit with possible slight variations in foxing, etc.

Remember folks, this is an 1873 original. This book is 146 years old.


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