CELTIC CIRCLE Horse brass (N570) (I always combine shipping) For Sale

CELTIC CIRCLE  Horse brass  (N570)                   (I always combine shipping)

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CELTIC CIRCLE Horse brass (N570) (I always combine shipping):



Celtic Circle

Horse brass from England

It is a new brass, and of English manufacture.

It is of best heavy casting quality, and is a very attractive item.

(3.5" high X 3" wide approx.)


I accept a wide range of domestic and international

payment methods, and will ship anywhere!

FAST! Despatch by ME, and (hopefully) fast delivery from the world postal services !

SAME DAY DISPATCH! on receipt of your payment,

and safe international delivery is GUARANTEED!!! (by ME)


AUS & NZ = $10.10


EU $7.40



Delivery times


I ship immediately. There is no delay on my part and will post your goods on the first available postal day after you have paid. I send all packages from the main PO in my town and always obtain a proof of posting certificate. Deliveryservices to all world destinations are constantly being changed by the postal companies. Air services to USA are currently being quoted by Royal Mail as being 5-7 working days instead of the previous 3-5 working days. The cost is now much higher and the suggested delivery date is poorer. Sometimes it can take much longer if the postal service creates delays. It has been known for USA deliveries via USPS to take as long as 20 working days. This is of course, quite unacceptable, but completely beyond my control. Items are rarely lost completely. For any items that are delayed by bad weather or other reasons, the package labelling clearly shows the date I sent your goods.

Please do not ask me for tracking numbers. UK Royal Mail DO NOT supply tracking numbers for normal international post. If you want a tracking number it will add a HUGE extra cost to the consignment and there are still no mandatory guarantees offered by them after paying all this extra money. I therefore assume you don't want it, and I will only quote the lowest rates. If there is any kind of problem with delivery, please contact me DIRECTLY so I can send you a replacement product or issue a refund.


My non-payment policy

Horse brasses are made one at a time, and their weight varies even amongst the same design. They usually weigh just under 100g. Different designs may have a different postal costbecause they weigh more than 100g. If you buy a single brass that weighs 101g+ you will be charged for 250g which is very unfair. The way to beat this is to buy multiple items at the same time, whereby you can make much better use of the postal bands.Sometimes 2 or3 brasses may be able to travel for one 250g payment. I will always work with you to try and keep the postal costs down and to offer you value for money. Currently, the bands are 100g, 250g, etc.


Varied shipping rates

Combined shipping

Please remember that if you see different shipping rates for similar items in my store ads, it is because the UK postal rates have increased faster than I can update them! Annual UK Royal Mail postal increases are up to 10% each year and usually more expensive than comparable USPS services.We also sadly don't have the flat-rate shipping boxes that USPS offers to US customers. In the UK, all weight is chargeable. I am always happy to combine shipping. After making your purchases, please ask for a combined total. For those customers that send multiple shipping payments without asking for a combined total, I will routinely refund the overpayment back to you without being asked. You can therefore always rely on paying no more than you should for your shipping costs.

What is a horse brass?

Why do I sell in dollars when I am in the UK?

Horse brasses are decorations that were used to adorn working horses years ago. Whilst you might read about them being used on Shire horses that pulled ploughs in the fields, in reality more were used to decorate ordinary working horses in everyday life in the streets of London and other cities during the 1920's and 30's and earlier. In a much earlier period, they *did* get used (in a primitive form) on horses used in agriculture and were supposed to ward off evil spirits, but these rare antique items don't look like the brasses usually seen today. Years ago, people who used horses to deliver their goods would groom their horses and decorate them, and there was a great deal of competition/rivalry between them to have the smartest and best decorated horse. (A bit like
young lads trying to have the flashiest car to impress the girls.) It wasn't all romantic notions as some people would have you believe. The horses were covered in brasses which were attached to leather straps called Martingales. When the motor vehicle took over, all this rivalry died out, and the
brasses found their way onto beams in old English pubs and people's homes. Since those days, brasses have still been made as souvenirs and copies of the original designs, and whilst not being so old, are often collectable in their own right. In many cases a brass will only be issued in a certain quantity, so designs are not always endless in number.The variety & quality variation is immense, and people suit themselves as to what they do or don't buy. Brasses depict historical situations, advertising, country life etc. etc. It's a bit like collecting stamps, where you can collect everything, or specialize. Most people just seem to collect what takes their fancy, which is probably the most sensible route to take ! It doesn't take long to learn about them, but it is more difficult in the USA,
as horse brasses are historically not part of US culture. The general US population is therefore not always familiar with them. In addition, some people put information on websites that is also misleading. There are a small number of new books currently available on the subject, but older books are generally quite hard to find and accordingly tend to be expensive.

I am a UK seller who sells in US dollars and always has done since 1999 when I joined . In 1999 UK never even existed, and all ers had to join the US site at that time and also sell in US dollars. Since that time, I have always continued to sell in dollars as the US$ is the global currency. More people are happy to pay in dollars than any other currency, so I stick with the majority, rather than pleasing the minority and reverting to selling in GB pounds. For a UK purchaser, there is no problem at all, because if using Paypal, the currency you use to pay is irrelevant. You simply click on pay, and the conversion from your account is implemented automatically. However, there are always a minority of British customers who insist on attempting to pay in pounds (using Paypal) after offerding on my dollar sales. You can't do that! You have to pay in the currency displayed on the sale page as the & Paypal systems will not allow the switching of currencies. It isn't difficult...even though some people try to make it that way! Why try to convert a very easy situation into something difficult? Just click on the button. I won't overcharge you!

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CELTIC CIRCLE  Horse brass  (N570)                   (I always combine shipping)
CELTIC CIRCLE Horse brass (N570) (I always combine shipping)

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